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Federico Ordoñez

My name is Federico Ordoñez, of Italian-Spanish origin, and I was born in Brussels with an early passion for dance. At the age of 17, I had the opportunity to attend a performance by Nuevo Ballet Español and admire Eva La Yerbabuena, a renowned flamenco dancer. This encounter with flamenco was a true revelation for me and marked the beginning of a great artistic journey. 

In 2004, after several years of learning, I was noticed by the duo Fernando y José, who invited me to dance with them during a show at Forest National, alongside the Spanish School of Equestrian Art from Jerez de la Frontera. That same year, I was selected among numerous dancers to join the tour of the renowned Flemish singer Belle Perez. I had the chance to participate in two of her music videos: "Light of my life" and "El mundo está bailando."

In 2007, I had the fortune of being part of the international project "Doce Tiempos De Amor," created by the German guitarist Alexander Gavilán from the Rotterdam Conservatory. I collaborated with the Greco-German dancer Katerina Giannakopulou "La Greca," the Andalusian singer Ana Gómez, and the Belgian violinist Ingeborg Cneut. At the same time, I met the Sevillian dancer Irene Álvarez, with whom I choreographed and performed two shows exploring themes such as sensuality, seduction, love, and conflict: "Dos" (2007) and "Flamenco Esencial" (2015).

In 2013, I produced my own creation for the first time, titled "Ambos lados," at Espace Senghor, where I played to full houses two nights in a row. In this show, I highlighted significant moments from my life and referred to the duality between life and death, masculinity and femininity, as well as flamenco and contemporary dance. I also explored contemporary dance in Anne Teresa de Keersmaeker's project "Rosas danst Rosas." Over the years, I have been involved in various productions in prestigious venues such as Handelsbeurs in Ghent, Flagey in Brussels, De Roma in Antwerp, Vredenburg and Rasa in Utrecht, and BGF Balatonfüred in Hungary.

In 2015, I had the extraordinary opportunity to participate in the television program "Belgium's Got Talent," which allowed me to bring flamenco to a wide Belgian TV audience. At the same time, I was invited by the renowned flamenco guitarist from Murcia, Carlos Piñana, for a tour throughout Lithuania. I also performed at festivals such as Msikfestspiele in Potsdam, Festival Mitte Europa in Germany, Concentus Moraviae in the Czech Republic, and Sfinks Mixed Festival in Boechout. Additionally, I was invited to perform three times at Kings Place in London.

The year 2016 was particularly memorable as I presented my first fully self-directed show, "Lírico," at Bozar, with sold-out performances.

In 2017, I embarked on an artistically contrasting year. I started the year by participating in a tribute show to the greatest flamenco guitarist, Paco de Lucía, which toured the major Belgian and Dutch theaters. In May, I joined the contemporary dance company of Pé Vermeersch for the project "Encounters" at the MAS Museum in Antwerp. Two months later, I was invited as a soloist to perform at the closing of the internationally renowned Belgian festival Tomorrowland in Boom. In August, I launched a new innovative project titled "Contenco," combining flamenco and contemporary dance. In September, I was invited to choreograph "Carmen" by Georges Bizet and also play a role at La Monnaie during the 2017 edition of the United Music of Brussels Festival.

In 2019, I directed my next show, "In-Puro," at Marni in Brussels. Together with Esteban Murillo as singer and Anthony Carrubba as guitarist, I explored my personal history through flamenco and developed the concept of "purity," an important value in the flamenco world, with a modern touch. In the same year, Esteban Murillo invited me to direct his new show for young audiences, "Dans les pas de Paco." As artistic director, I also collaborated on the music video "Dark semblances of light" by the Slovenian poet Dragica Carna. I was again invited to perform at Tomorrowland, where I directed several dancers to create a tailor-made show for the festival.

In the previous year, 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to participate in the show "ERA" in collaboration with the talented artist Samina Carrerans. "ERA" was a bold project exploring different historical periods through dance, music, and visuals. The result was acclaimed by both critics and audiences.

In 2022, I had the honor to collaborate with the talented Esteban Murillo in creating the show "Poeta." This artistic experience was a true exploration of poetic expression through various art forms. "Poeta" was a resounding success, captivating the audience with its unique fusion of poetry, music, and theater. My artistic journey reflects my passionate dedication to dance and the continuous exploration of new artistic avenues.

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