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Federico Ordoñez

Federico Ordoñez is a leading Flamenco dancer, choreographer and teacher.


"He comes out of the screen! "" Federico gives you the desire to leave immediately for Spain! "," Poetry in motion! ". The jury had only praise when it is presented in "Belgium's Got Talent" this spring.


The national television has finally led to the general public, but in the world of art, there is now a long time. As a choreographer, he is linked to the Théâtre de la Monnaie in Brussels. As a teacher, he has performed in Belgium, Netherlands, Germany, France (Les Suds in Arles e.a) and China (Shanghai Camino's Studio).


Early in his career as a Flamenco artist, he could count on the singer Belle Perez.He has been turning with her as a dancer. Shortly before he also initiated cooperation with La Barraca and with it his career as a soloist takes on another dimension, as it will give him access to performances in countless theaters in Europe.


He spent several years in Seville, where he followed a training and education with a master in particular, Manuel Betanzos. During this period, he also worked as a professor at Angel Atienza and Isabel Bayon home.

Early in his career he has shared the stage with the singer India Martinez. In Poland, he worked several times with guitarist Carlos Pinana. And since 2007, he formed a remarkable duo with Sevillian dancer Irene Alvarez, first in production, "DOS", later in "Flamenco Esencial". The two dance performances deals on the themes of: sensuality, seduction, love and conflict.


References, he has ...: Last year, it occurred (among others) Musikfestspiele Potsdam and Festival Mitte Europa Concentus Moraviae in Germany and the Czech Republic. In Brussels, he managed to fill the room Espace Senghor two nights.

Previously, it occurred Handelsbeurs Ghent, Flanders Festival, Flagey Brussels, Vredenburg Utrecht & Rasa, Roma Borgerhout and BGF Balatonfüred Hungary.

Soon he is running for the third consecutive year the theater Kings Place, London, and recently he danced at Sfinks Festival, the World Music Festival in Boechout in Belgium.


His dance style is very personel. Festive nor joyful. The goal is to move the audience, bring people into an emotion.


Flamenco brings a message! (To read more about this in the cc interview with him in Weekend Knack early July 2015).


"Dancing is traveling through his dreams. It's singing with his body. With the aim of making a deeper world more beautiful! "

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