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Contenco contemporary music and flamenco by Federico ordonez maria domiguez pablo paz
Federico Ordonez


Natural philosophy is an expression used to study in an objective way our nature and physical universe, who reigned before the development of modern sciences.


The theory of the four elements is the traditional way of describing and analyzing the world.

In the east, more precisely in China, we talk about 5 elements. This theory says that everything that surrounds us and composes us is subdivided in 5 big interfering entities

called movements of the natural rhythms of life. Such as yin/yang. Her influence is seen not only in medicine but also in astronomy, music and philosophy.

Contenco is the collaboration of 3 artists of a completely different universe who create a show where experimental contemporary music is mixed with contemporary flamenco dance.

Their departure points are the 4 elements and the 5 Chinese elements. Set in an intimate scenery where tradition meets modernity, where the 2 cultures mix together. All elements of nature will come to life before your eyes.


Based on the philosophy of Lao Steu, which consists in finding the way to hold on to just one element as from difference, conflict and duality can be created but also and for sure complementarity (Yin Yang).


We need to unify our differences to create harmony

Piano: Maria Dominguez

Percussions : Pablo Paz

Dance: Federico Ordonez