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dancing lights

DANCING LIGHTS is an independent company of enthusiastic artists working for the promotion of poetry, dance, music and holistic healing. Through our creations, events and meetings, we connect people from all around the world, evoking love for culture, art, beauty, while extending this beauty to everyday life, making it conscious in everything one touches, breathes and lives. Being humans in union with all and with everything. Opening oneself to a higher spiritual awareness and helping people become artists of their own self and reach a better quality of life. WE ALL ARE ONE.

We created Dancing Lights to bring light and beauty to everyday life. Speaking, touching and healing with beauty. With all the languages of the Universe and all the tastes of human beings. From sweet, sour, salty, to bitter, pungent and astringent. 
All tastes are needed to express what we are. And all languages to show who we are. Not only spoken. Not only danced. Not only heard. Not only visual. All we can perceive with our soul, body, mind and spiritual awareness. Place and space where to meet souls and bodies dancing with no limitations and no fears. We are children of Earth and home is everywhere we feel accepted, understood and loved. Light is our dress and dress is our light even when we wear dark. WE ALL ARE ONE.

Dancing Lights intertwines all genres of art: visual, audio, dance, poetry, music and painting. The beauty of all the art, to open our body, mind and soul to the beauty of all the Universe. Dancing Lights. Light which pierces, touches, opens, heals and makes us happier and more conscious of who we are and of what is our mission in this world. Light which is free and independent. Light which is the strongest flow of breath and consciousness. Light as power of beauty. Light as power of dancing. Light as power with no limits. Seducing and conquering with no limits. In a time and space with no limits. In a time and space where WE ALL ARE ONE.

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